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Vemma Verve Supplement

The Vemma Nutrition Program offers powerful antioxidants from mangosteen, aloe and green tea, plus 13 multi-vitamins & 65 plant source ionic minerals. All in a great tasting liquid supplement that is body ready.

To learn more about VEMMA & VERVE Dietary and Vitamin health supplements visit: http://www.bobsnelson.vemma.com.

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Bob's Story

I have been a Type 2 Diabetic for 20 years, taking 3 different oral medications to control my sugars. I started drinking Mangosteen and Minerals Juice on April 9, 2007. I started off drinking 2 oz once a day. My average sugars were running 135 to 178 before starting the Mangosteen and Mineral juice.

The information on Vemma Mangosteen and Minerals Juice said that my sugars might go up slightly but would come down within 3 weeks and to keep drinking the Mangosteen and Minerals Juice to see the benefits.The first 2 - 3 weeks my sugars remained up at 130 to 146. But, and this is a big but, ever since those first 3 weeks my sugars have been below 115. My doctor has decreased my medication by one third. Ever since July my sugars have averaged between 83 and 115. Now in April of 2009 my averages are between 80 and 105. Not to bad for a diabetic.

I have since learned that the life of the xanthones are 4 - 6 hours and have increased to drinking 2 oz of  VEMMA twice a day and I feel even better. The normal doseage is 2 oz. a day per person.

I have had joint pain for years, taking anti inflammatory medicine to decrease (but not alleviate) the pain. As long as I drink my Mangosteen and Minerals Juice the pain is gone with no medicine.

I have been taking allergy medicine for years. I made it thru a mid west summer and fall without any medicine.

Now my goal is to get off my cholesterol (my cholesterol has dropped 26 points since I have been on the juice), heart and diabetic medicines all together. My doctor advised me that if my next lab work came back the same as my last work or better that he was going to try and reduce some of my other medicines.

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