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2012 November Class

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  • Class Photo L-R Bob, Dan, Michael, Mollie, Justin, Harry, Hank, Kristi, and Larry
  • Bob explaining barbecue as defined by the U.S. government
  • Bob explaining true barbecue
  • Looking over the spice table
  • Michael and Mollie working on their rubs
  • Larry making up his secret blend of spices
  • Frenzie at the rub table as they make up their secret blends
  • Bob showing how to remove the membrane from the back of a slab of ribs
  • Bob preparing to show how to cut up a chicken
  • Hard at work trimming their slabs of ribs
  • Trimming the ribs
  • Larry removing the membrane from his slab of ribs
  • Bob watching as the students apply their rubs to their slabs of ribs
  • Bob preparing to show how to cut up a chicken
  • Bob performing his surgery
  • Bob helping Kristi with her chicken
  • Michael and Mollie putting their trimmed chicken in pans
  • Harry applying rub to his chicken
  • Justin working on his chicken
  • Hank showing his spiced chicken off
  • Danny explaining how to set up a contest box
  • Watching the box building press
  • Watching as the contest box is being made up
  • Bob trimming the chicken to be placed in the box
  • The chicken after being placed in the box
  • The rib entry after being placed in the box
  • The Pork entry after being placed in the box

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