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Welcome to Lotta BS BBQ. My name is Bob Snelson and I love preparing barbecue.

I have a competition barbecue team from the Prescott, Kansas area and compete using a Backwoods Smoker. Listed below are some of the awards we have won.

I also sell barbecue spices, and conduct classes in mastering BBQ techniques.

I belong to the Kansas City Barbecue Society, am a former KCBS Contest Representative, a former CBJ Instructor, and past member of the KCBS Board of Directors.


2001 1st Place Pork American Royal Open Barbecue

American Royal Open 2000 10th Overall, 2001 10th Overall

1997 5th Place Brisket in the whole Kansas City Barbecue Society

1996 1st Place Pork Ribs American Royal Open Barbecue

1996 5th Place Pork Ribs in the whole Kansas City Barbecue Society

Bob Snelson

Backwoods Smoker


Proud Member of the
Kansas City Barbeque Society

Here at Lotta BS BBQ you can register for Bob Snelson's exceptional Barbecue Cooking Classes
that are conducted in the Kansas City area, find a wide range of Barbeque Recipes,
and purchase his excellent BBQ Spices.

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